Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have been talking about the pelicans in Channahon alot lately, so now it is time to post what I've seen. The American White Pelicans are migrating back south from Canada and other cooler places, and they do this twice a year. Their route always follows rivers, so luck would have it that we have some long ones in a semi-direct route to each destination. In the Spring, when they stop over, they are sporting large fibrous plates on their bills for mating season. Being a very large bird (8-9.5 ft wingspan), you would expect them to sit quite low in the water, but the interesting fact is that they have air in their bones which causes them to be more bouyant.
Now there is a fun fact!-Share your new knowledge with a friend, or a stranger! They will undoubtedly find you more interesting and way more smarter than before!!!!!-WAY!

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