Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Spectacular Capture Via Cameraphone

I'm expecting my camera back any day now, after recieving a phonecall from the repair company telling me my camera does not have anything wrong with it. "WHAT?" Long story short, I think my batterygrip must be the culprit; we will find out not too soon enough, and at least its on its way home. Whatever...

My hummingbirds are crazy. There are at least 8 that I can count at any given time. I sit out on my deck with my sidekick "Maggie" (Boxer-extraordinaire) as they battle all around me. The hummer kids are growing up, and the parents are trying to keep them from eating in their established territory. My favorite lil juvy is a male who sits on my morning glories next to one of my 2 feeders. He hasn't fully matured, so his "Ruby-Throat" is not quite "Ruby" yet, except for just a few jewels here and there. He is the bold one, and his curiosity puts me in his full view as my first attempt to handfeed these guys was a surprising success. He came in for his drink, sees me holding his sweet dispenser, inspects me up and down, hovers off a few feet, then comes in safely for his nectar. It takes a while just to get acclimated to these guys, because the flyby's are close, within a few feet, and the wing noise, which is quite the vibration to your ears, is at first unsettling, as you want to duck and swat upon instinct. What was really tough, was to hold the feeder AND the cameraphone, watch the hummer, and hold the angle for the shot, while keeping your eyes on the lil guy and his complete cuteness.

Hopefully, I will post some "real" shots of this behavior in the next few days, pending UPS delivery.


Anonymous said...

I've just noticed an influx of hummers around our rose of sharon. They are the Broadbilled variety, and a few Ruby Throated ones as well. We are thrilled to have such a unique animal hanging out at our place. We're off to find some feeders tonight, and hopefuly we can get a few plumped up for the migration.

Thanks for sharing you Hummers with us, Hanni!

Chpee said...

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"Hannibal" said...

Hey chpee, do you really think I care? Go somewhere else to beg--buhbye!

Hey anonymous, good luck with these amazing creatures!

McGone said...

chpee also would like you to help him free up some money for his friend who happens to be a Nigerian Prince. Don't do it.